An afternoon with the Little Fairies

An afternoon with the Little Fairies

Meet The Little Fairies!  We recently had the pleasure of joining these four lovely little ladies for an afternoon at their farm.  It was truly magical!

The girls were hands on helping us set up the scene for the shoot and bubbling with wonderful ideas!  We let them run the show allowing them to just have fun and with no surprise,  the shoot unfolded naturally.  

When we presented our Yeah Life Hemp and Organic Cotton T-Shirts to the girls they were very excited and we relished their expressions of approval,

"I love them, they're so soft they feel like silk!"

"Oooohhhh, this is so comfy!" 

We've gotta say it was extremely gratifying hearing such pure and honest testimonials direct.

Even Lulu the family dog got involved in the fun.  She also sneakily snapped up some of the delicious homemade cookies the girls made with their amazing mum for the shoot too.  Unfortunately we didn't get a good shot of them as they disappeared rather quickly!  (Don't look too closely, there is evidence that they were there.) 

We followed the girls to their chook pen where we met their 5 week old fluffy baby chicks and learned their unusual names - Blackberry, Blueberry, Mango, Speckle & Freckle! 

It was truly delightful being in the company such free spirited and kind natured young ladies.  The girls' laid back lifestyle,  easy going attitude and love for each other is simply beautiful and a pleasure to experience.

Not only are they delightful, these lovely little legends are already hardworking entrepreneurs selling their handmade creations on instagram and at local markets! See for yourselves at
They get it from their mamma

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