Organic Cotton: Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

Are you looking to get your little ones new clothes but not sure if organic cotton is really even worth the extra cost? Organic cotton and traditional cotton are both popular options, we’ve personally owned garments made with both. The big question is, which is the better choice for your child (and the environment)? At YEAH LIFE, we believe in using the best possible sustainable materials available to us, which is why we offer a range of organic cotton clothing options for kids. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between organic and traditional cotton so you can decide for yourself, is it worth the extra cost?

Organic Cotton: Is It Worth The Extra Cost?

Let’s Define Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is grown using sustainable farming practices that minimise the use of chemicals, pesticides, and synthetic fertlisers. It is grown without the use of genetically modified seeds, and the soil is carefully managed to maintain its fertility and health. On the other hand, traditional cotton is grown using a range of synthetic chemicals and pesticides, which can have negative impacts on the environment and the people who work with it.

Which is better for the environment?

It's clear that organic cotton is the more sustainable choice, as it is grown using eco-friendly practices that minimise the impact on the environment. In addition to being better for the planet, organic cotton is also softer and more comfortable to wear, as it is grown without the use of harsh chemicals that can irritate the skin.

What about the cost?

It's true that organic cotton can be slightly more expensive than traditional cotton, but it's important to consider the long-term benefits. Since organic cotton is more durable and long-lasting, it can be a more cost-effective choice in the long run. Plus, by supporting sustainable fashion, you're investing in a better future for your children and the planet.

Next time you’re shopping for your little ones, we’d love it if you would consider choosing organic cotton from YEAH LIFE. Not only will you be supporting our family business, but you’ll also be investing in a positive future for everyone!

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