Making Sustainable Kids Swimwear with Recycled Polyester

Making Sustainable Kids Swimwear with Recycled Polyester

At YEAH LIFE we’re always looking for ways to counter the plastic pandemic and still make comfortable, fun and sustainable kids clothing.

We want our community to enjoy the surf in ethical style, knowing the clothes they wear are contributing to coastal cleanups.

That’s why we’re committed to using recycled polyester, or rPet, as one of the core materials in our swim and surf shorts.

rPet is made out of plastic bottles removed from the environment, put through an energy-efficient manufacturing process and spun into fibres. These fibres are then made into a durable, breathable and quick-drying fabric.

We mix this recycled polyester with hemp to create an amazing blend that’s kind on skin, kind on the environment and kind on your wallet.

It’s upcycling, baby, and it feels so good!

Why Upcycling Polyester Gets our Heartbeats Up

Traditional polyester is a manmade fibre with strong roots in petrochemicals. It’s an energy monster, requiring huge amounts of water and chemicals for the production process.

An unfortunate result of this is toxic byproducts released into the environment. This toxicity doesn’t end with production either, because when polyester gets wet it releases nasty plastic microfibres into our waterways.

That’s not great for boardshorts.

Recycled polyester is different. Here’s why.

Preserves Water

Recycled polyester uses about 90% less water to manufacture than virgin polyester. Water is the most precious resource on earth, a life force we need to preserve for future generations. At YEAH LIFE, we love using raw materials that do exactly that.

Less Energy and Carbon Emissions

Recycled polyester uses 50% less energy than normal polyester in the manufacturing process. It also reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by nearly 60%. These two massive statistics show how important rPET can be in the fight against climate change.

Reduces Landfill

Our landfills are overflowing, releasing nasty toxins into our soils and atmosphere. It’s estimated that 51 billion plastic bottles go into landfill every year around the world. Imagine we could reuse all that plastic instead of making more? The planet, and our future generations, would be really grateful.

It Keeps Plastic Out Our Oceans

Of the 200 million tonnes of plastic getting produced every year, it’s estimated 10% finds its ways directly back into our oceans. It poisons our waterways and chokes marine life. Recycling polyester and using the fabric for swimwear helps us turn something ugly into something beautiful.

Used and Reused

By recycling polyester we’re turning a waste product into a valuable resource. Even more amazing, recycled polyester can be used over and over again, reducing the harmful effects of non-biodegradability. We could technically make a closed loop in the manufacturing process,stopping the need for virgin polyester to be manufactured.

Learn More About Recycled Polyester

Upcycling, recycling, reusing - we love it all here at YEAH LIFE. If you want to chat about our planet friendly products or eco-conservation in general, please get in touch. We’re always happy to answer your questions. If you’re looking for earth-friendly board shorts or swimwear for your kids, take a squiz at our retro rainbow board short below. Made from a sublime mix of recycled polyester and hemp, they dry fast and will be good for a few summers at least.

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