Our Story

The story of Yeah Life started in our small house in Bangalow in the hills of Byron Bay back in 2014 with a simple late-night sketch that we fell in love with. Back then, the Yeah Life rainbow was printed on tees for friends and streetwear stores around Australia. The tee would always get a smile or be conversation starter and we realised then that this graphic had the power to be a symbol of positivity and hope.

We've designed and produced 1,000's of products for some of Australia's best-known brands.

2020 was our year of making Yeah Life a reality but our world was flipped upside down when our co-founder Dave was diagnosed with having brain cancer. All plans were put on hold. By the end of August 2020, Dave was operated on by world-renowned neurosurgeon Charlie Teo. After a successful surgery, the tumour was removed but we were given the sad news that Dave's tumour was cancer and our battle continues.

The name "Yeah Life" became hugely meaningful and is a constant reminder to appreciate every day that we have.

Founders Dave and Jen could not live their lives in fear and decided to get on with our dream of bringing Yeah Life to a reality. With the help of our dear friend and production manager, Deja we launched our range of eco-products in October 2021.

Together we have a simple goal: make amazing eco-products that kids and parents will love and give back generously to helping kids in need.