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Introducing the Funland Skate Deck, the perfect way to bring positive vibes with you wherever you go. This 7 ply Canadian maple deck features artwork of Australia, a dolphin, and a flying pig, it comes with a 100% guarantee to put a smile on your face. With medium concave and USA glue, this deck is durable and reliable. Available in sizes 7.75", 8", and 8.25", there's a size for everyone.

If you're not into skating, that's okay! This deck makes for a fun and unique piece of artwork to display at home. The bright and colorful design is sure to bring some fun and positivity into your room.

Please note that our Funland decks come with plastic covering to protect them during production and shipping. We are working on finding alternative options to reduce our use of plastic, but for now, if you have any ideas, please don't hesitate to contact us. Enjoy the fun and freedom of skateboarding with the Funland Skate Deck.