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Subtle but fun, the YEAH LIFE rainbow shorts are the perfect all-around kids short. Wether your child loves to surf, swim, skate, play or all of the above. They are lightweight (5 oz / 141 grams) and quick drying. Unlike cheap swim shorts, these have mesh lined pockets to ensure the sand stays at the beach after a swim and not clogging up your washing machine.

Conscious Qualities

YEAH LIFE is committed to doing the right thing. Click on each title below to expand and learn more.

This product is sustainably made with 30% Hemp.

At Yeah Life we can’t get enough of hemp clothing. It ticks so many boxes for us when it comes to preserving our beautiful planet. It’s also durable and healthy, an awesome combination when it comes to sustainable kids wear.

Click here to find out why choosing hemp clothing is choosing a sustainable and healthy option.'

This product is made with 44% Recycled Polyester.

We want our community to enjoy the surf in ethical style, knowing the clothes they wear are contributing to coastal cleanups.

That’s why we’re committed to using recycled polyester, or rPet, as one of the core materials in our swim and surf shorts. rPet is made out of plastic bottles removed from the environment, put through an energy-efficient manufacturing process and spun into fibres. These fibres are then made into a durable, breathable and quick-drying fabric. We mix this recycled polyester with hemp to create an amazing blend that’s kind on skin, kind on the environment and kind on your wallet.

It’s upcycling, baby, and it feels so good!

Click here to learn more about how we make sustainable kids swimwear with recycled polyester

When you choose to shop at YEAH LIFE, you provide meals to kids in need.

Giving back is a intrinsic part of YEAH LIFE. With every product sold we donate directly to Mary's Meals on your behalf.

Click here to learn more about about our incredible meals provider, Mary's Meals

Benefits of hemp for your skin

If your kid has sensitive skin or allergies, you’ll love the anti-microbial properties of hemp. It’s scientifically proven to resist harmful bacteria and fungal strains, so say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to natural hypoallergenic qualities! The amazing thing is clothing only needs to consist of 15% hemp to provide these health benefits.

Hemp also protects the delicate skin of your child by filtering out harmful UV rays So, yeah, hemp is definitely good for skin!.

Fast Delivery with Zero Guilt

We don't have to tell you single-use plastic sucks! Unfortunately with online shopping what your order is shipped in is completely out of your control and you generally end up with a plastic mailer that ends up in the bin within 5 minutes of recieving your order.

We promise you a positive shipping experience. Every YEAH LIFE order is delivered safely to your home in a beautiful home compostable envelope and at the end of its journey it can breakdown and return back to nature.

Positive Energy

We've attempted to weave as much positive energy into our clothing as possible. One of the ways we've done this is by powering our production and our headquarters with the incredible energy from our magnificent sun.

Click here for an in-depth look at Our Factory.

Kids Size Guide

Size Chest Waist Height Weight
2 - 3 51 - 55cm 48 - 52cm 83 - 98cm 12 - 15kgs
4 - 5 56 - 60cm 53 - 56cm 99 - 110cm 16 - 20kgs
6 - 7 61 - 65cm 57 - 60cm 111 - 123cm 20 - 25kgs
8 - 9 66 - 70cm 61 - 65cm 124 - 137cm 26 - 32kgs

How to Measure


Place a soft tape measure under your child's armpits at the widest part of their chest.


Find the top of your child's hipbone and the bottom of their ribs. Place the a soft tape measure mid-way between these two points and wrap it around their waist.


Get your child to stand against a wall, make a mark with a pencil. Measure the distance from the floor to the pencil mark.

TIP: If your child is in-between sizes, we recommend going a size up and let your child grow into it

Customer Reviews

Great quality!
We have the singlet and just received the shirt.... love the quality and feel of the fabric... love that both my boy and girl can wear this.

Carly H.

Love It!
Absolutely love this tee! Amazing quality and we receive so many compliments on it. Great brand, fantastic customer service!

Sarah M.

Beautiful Tee
Beautiful eco-friendly packaging, gorgeous, high quality tee and fast delivery.

Caitlin V.

Really pleased with delivery times and product. They look gorgeous and good quality.

Laura M.

As featured on Westfield
We're excited to let you know that you can now shop YEAH LIFE online at and pick it up at any Westfield location in Australia. Westfield is an iconic shopping destination in Australia and we're glad to be able to offer this handy service to you.